Friday, October 11, 2013

Well this is exciting! {+ a GIVEAWAY!!}

I have a post up at today!!
It's all about ways to use 6x6 paper pads in your scrapbooking!
Go check it out {here}.

And of course there is something in it for you if you do!
Check out my post over there, leave a comment there, & then come back here and tell me that you did.
I will randomly choose 1 comment-leaver to win a fun assortment of 6x6 paper pads from KI Memories!

Good deal, right??!
OK so go check out today!
And happy Friday!!


CJ said...

Cool ideas, Gretchen. So glad you were on Shimelle's blog! I let my Google reader expire without saving my feed...and I'm slowly but surely rediscovering my faves. Oh, by the way, you should totally be doing PL. I loved that layout! ;)

jennj42 said...

Great tips!

Tish Schneider said...

I found you from Shimelle's blog (left a comment for you there too). Thanks again for the great ideas. Will definitely be giving them a try myself!


Marion said...

After seeing your post today at, I came to your blog, started looking around and got awfully inspired! I love your style, I just want to start scrapbooking right away!! Thanks :)

Jean Bullock said...

Great job on the layouts, Gretchen! You showcased the paper pads very well. Left a comment on Shimelle's blog. Well done!

ConnieC said...

I came from Shimelle's blog. Great ideas on using those pads. Somehow a huge amount of them have ended up at my house. They are so cute, I keep bringing them home like puppies.

It's funny that I have never thought to use them as a mat for my square photos. I use a ton with 4x6 photos.

Yun Kelly said...

Great ideas! I'm glad to know I'm using my pads the right way! :-)