Friday, March 13, 2009


Happy Friday!
Thanks for all the cool, creative suggestions for the desk/chair.
But with so many great ideas I think I need more than one!
I will let you know what I do with the one I have {for now} when I figure it out!
In other news, My Little Shoebox has teamed up with 2peas to run a fun little contest!
Make some stuff with your favorite MLS products, post them on 2peas, and hopefully you will win!
Learn more details and rules and stuff here.
I have been scrapbooking!
{big surprise, right??}
I got ahold of some of the new American Crafts stuff and I am loving it!
I made these 3 layouts last weekend using the same basic design to get them done.
{I did a post about this on the MMM blog also}
These are all pictures from recent runs/races that have been piling up.
I needed to get them scrapped!
So same basic design + fun, new products = 3 layouts done in 1 night!

Lee has to work tonight so I predict an evening involving scrapbook products, wine, and "27 Dresses" in my future.


mary h. said...

Cute layouts. So which wine did you get? Let me know if you can't find the one I suggested, I'll bring a bottle to ya when I come home.;)

Katie Burnett said...

As always G, these are awesome. Love all the American Crafts stuff. Esp. the thickers!

jenney said...

Love the layouts!