Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today is my Monday to do a challenge over on the KI blog.
My challenge for this week is to scrap something inanimate.
{you know, something that is not living/not alive}
My layout is about my favorite wine.
I first had this wine in France at Epcot last year.
I am really not much of wine drinker but this stuff was good!
But of course I did not catch the name of it.
We tried many bottles of wine from many different stores over the course of the next year-many of which got poured straight down the drain because they were no good!
When we went back to Disney this past January, I made a beeline for France when we went to Epcot.
I described the wine I had the year before.
They immediately knew what I was talking about.
I had 2 glasses...that night.
And we bought a bottle to bring home with us.
More importantly I remembered the name of it.
Imagine my surprise when I found it at the Publix like 2.5 miles from my house.
I might make friends with the wine guy there.
So that is the story. Here is the layout.

By the way, if you leave a comment here you will be entered for a chance to win more KI products.
And Jenney won last week.
I'm telling ya...people that I know win!

So go comment!

Happy Monday!


april said...

great layout, and too funny that the wine was just up the street all along. ;)

jenney said...

I wanted to visit the pastry shop in France while we were there but I didn't make it. =( I'll have to give that wine a try!

I wondered if you had something to do with my win. ;-) I'd love to win the boy line they're giving away now but I won't push my luck for two weeks in a row.LOL

Anna Bess said...

Always check Publix first! Bring some to Atlanta. Pretty, pretty layout! Love some lips.
Anna B.

Gretchen said...

Jenney-i actually had nothing to do with your win. it is picked at random and Shannon picks the winners. it just so happens that several people who i know have won!

HoweverAlthough said...

Great layout, Gretchen! I have rarely met a wine I didn't like. I drink mostly red (shiraz, malbec, merlot) and I've recently started taking photos with my phone of the ones I buy that I like so that when I'm back at Publix I can look through my phone for the label and then hopefully find it again on the shelf. I remember the design and colors of the label rather than the name of the vineyard...

Jeff and Casey (and Vanna) said...

great wine gretchen!!! i enjoyed it to!! if i win i will donate to "free parking" hahaha
it was good to see you this weekend. can't wait to hear about the run, wish you could have been both places. thanks for sharing my brother with me. how's the new camera?

Katie Burnett said...

Beautiful Layout GMac. One of my favs.

Amy said...

so please post the name of the wine. I can't read it in your layout. And please pick me to win the KI products. They are my fav! and I kind of "know" you. Well, really, I met you at Scrap Etc. last year and took your class. Does that count for "knowing" you?

Kelli said...

oh I must do this....I adore it :) btw I tagged you if you need something to blog about :)

melissa said...

Wow.. I dont drink wine but the bottle is really cute... And drinking in Disney... what a way to take the edge off of a day running around miles of rip roaring fun with 3 screaming kids! (yes, Im speaking of myself and the experience I am sure I will have when I go in May!) Love the layout!
Melissa L