Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tagged, etc.

Happy hump day.
2 more days until the weekend.
That wine from my last post is called Rosa Regale.
I highly recommend it.
I have been tagged by the fabulous Kelli Johnson who I wish was coming to the Scrap Etc event this year.
How come money doesn't grow on trees??

Anyway, here are the rules:
Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.

So here is the 6th picture from the 6th folder of pictures on my computer.
This one is from the "Disney 2009" folder.

This is the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World.
Lee and I splurged to stay here when I ran the marathon this past January.
We took this picture from the monorail.
That was my most favorite thing about staying at the GF-being able to hop on the monorail straight from the hotel and be at Magic Kingdom in less than 5 minutes.
We just did not give ourselves enough time to do all the things at Disney and enjoy the beautiful hotel and all it had to offer!
I cannot wait until we can go back!
This is an easy one so I will tag:
My Little Shoebox is having a new design team call!
They are stuck with me for another year but they are adding more people too!
Check out the blog for more details.
Please check it out!
Have a great day!


Amy said...

this is why i only go to disney every 6 years or so. i'm spoiled and have to stay at the grand floridian. we spent our honeymoon at the grand floridian so the first time we took our son we had to stay there. i can't go and not stay there so i will be content to only go every 5 years or so. :)

Kelli said...

oooh I want to stay there! FUN FUN...we may go in October...if I can talk my hubby into it ;)

Katie Burnett said...

OOH. What a fun challenge. I hope there isn't a deadline on it! I WILL do it. It just might be next week. Is that OK?

jenney said...

I sent in a DT submission for MLS so we'll see. They have some super cute papers!! You don't have pull with that like you do with the KI blog do you? =)

mary h. said...

I'm startin to plan our DW trip in the fall or winter, but shhhhh...don't tell the girls yet. And yeah! I finally found someone locally who carries some MLS. As a matter of fact I have some on my scrap heap.;) Just need some of those transparencies.

disa said...

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