Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marathon recap

I have to admit that it has taken me about 4 days to write this post.
Since we got back from Disney I have been laid up with what is either the flu or the mother of all colds.
I have decided that my immune system was working on all cylinders for 18 weeks of training and it had finally had enough!
However, I cannot complain.
I went through 18 weeks of training without even the slightest runny nose!
And I am thankful that the illness decided not to strike until we got back and did not interfere with our vacation!
OK now onto happier times...
26.2 miles
on your mark
get set

The race starts in waves between 5:30-6:00 in the morning.
And it was cold this morning!
There was the national anthem, fireworks, and then off we go!!
That picture is actually from about mile 2.
See while I run around Disney for 26.2, Lee runs around an uncharted course trying to find me at various spots along the way.
I totally missed him at this spot!
We are even, though, because I saw him next at about mile 9 but he totally missed a picture!
{that is not entirely true. he did get a great picture of my right elbow!}
This next picture is right about the halfway point.
It's the stretch between Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.
At that point I was still feeling pretty good.
I hadn't warmed up like I thought I would but the legs were still feeling fresh.
The worse part of this race is the stretch between 18-22 miles.
It is a long, boring, hairpin turn coming from Animal Kingdom heading toward Hollywood Studios.
But I cranked up my tunes so loud in case others around me wanted to listen to my great Pink, Justin Beiber, Flo Rida, Enrique Iglesias mix and just ran!
No water stops and no walking!
Just running.
Because once I got past there, I was golden!
Oh my hips were aching and the thighs were screaming.
But I could make it from there.
Now this is the best feeling right here!
I am running past Mexico in Epcot with less than a mile to go and out steps Lee to cheer me on!
Goal time: 4:30:00
Finishing time: 4:12:48
Did you get that??!!
I am only slightly excited about that!!
And alot of that is due to the encouragement and pushing that I get from this guy.
{aka the best cheerleader a girl's got!}
Let me introduce you to my goofiest of friends Kristin and Brittney.
{i think you may know them already though}
Goofy because they ran the half marathon on Saturday & then turned around and ran the full marathon on Sunday.
That is what Disney calls the "Goofy Challenge".
And they live to tell about it!
The run is over.
I accomplished my goal.
I lived.
Now let the fun begin!

Now we've got to get Charlie Brown
{the best, most loyal training partner around}
through his marathon!!
Mercedes here we come!


Luv2talk said...

Love all the 'costume changes' along the way. LOL

Way to go (and go and go and go...)

Can't wait to see this one scrapped! Congrats!

Heather DG said...

Congratulations Gretchen - that is such awesome news! You have to be ecstatic! You definitely 'earned you some fun'!

Hope you feel better quickly!

Jennifer said...

looks like a fun race!! You did great! :)

Just call me "B" said...

You know I am ultra proud of your goal! That is crazy amazing!!!!

And, Lee is a great photographer!