Monday, January 3, 2011

Remember this...


What do you do with cards you get from other people?

I have to admit that the ones I get usually just end up in a box on a shelf in my


I surely can't throw them away!
But I got a card this Christmas that needed something more special than a place in that box.

So I scrapped it!



{using the Noel Mignon Bedford Falls kit
of course!}

And speaking of Noel's kits...

She is running a sale on past kits!

It ends today so hurry up!

{check it out here}
There are a few Bedford Falls kits still available if you are looking for something to scrap your Christmas & winter.

One more cool thing at Noel Mignon...

Virginia is going to be teaching an online class starting January 15th.

How cool does this class look!!?
Virginia describes it like this...
a bit of a whimsical, creative venture at the start of this new year
a study and sampling of our daily lives
something fat and full of odds & ends sticking out
the truest form of the word: *scrap*book
quotes we love, piece & fibers from our day
what it was like to be us
at this time
a proof of our life

You can learn more about it on her blog (here).
Check it out!

Totally cool!!


I hope the new year is treating you right so far!


Luv2talk said...

They are both so cute, I think I'll 'lift' the card AND the LO! LOL!


Joan V said...

So cute. I just love the colors. I often pull out the cutest cards and scrap them and cut them apart, just for my Christmas Card Letter album. I can't save all the cards, so if someone sends me picture, I scrap them and save the other card stuff as embellishments.

kim c said...

Happy New Year! and thanks for your comment on my atc. I've always been a fan of yours.