Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank you!!

Thank you to those of you who bought cards and donated money!
I took $120 into Dollar General and bought enough laundry & cleaning supplies to fill up my back seat!
Let's see...there was Comet, PineSol, 409 all-purpose cleaner, Resolve carpet cleaner, lots of bleach, the biggest things of laundry detergent I could lift, and a bunch of sponges & scouring pads in my trunk this morning that is now on its way to people that need it!
And the run was a fun one!
good cause
good weather
good course
good friends!
pictured (left to right): Brittney Smith, Scott Smith, GrandMary, Scott Wood, me
not pictured: Lucy Farmer who put the whole thing together!
Thanks again!
And happy Saturday!

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