Monday, June 20, 2011

Tornado Relief 2

So I am running a 5k in Cullman, AL on Saturday.
The run is to raise money for tornado relief!!
I want to do more than just give them my $25 to run the race!
They are in great need of cleaning & laundry supplies as well as tools for rebuilding.
{they no longer need hygiene products, clothes, & baby stuff because they have had so much donated already...i LOVE that!!}
OK how about this...
I have about 20 cards up on this post.
I want to sell them to raise $$ for cleaning & laundry supplies and tools!
If you would like to contribute to the cause, pick out a card (or a few!), email me with the ones you want, and tell me how much you would like to donate.
I will mail them out to you ASAP (shipping is on me).
Then I will take whatever is donated by Friday, MATCH IT, and take the grand total shopping on Friday night before the race!!

OK now pick out some cards!

"Thanks x 2"

"Merry Christmas"


"I miss you!"

"Love birds"

"Thank you"


"Good luck - green"





"Happy to know you"

"Good times"

"Good luck - cards"

"Good luck-red"

"I heart U"




Thank you sooooo much!!
email me at

I will get your cards out to you ASAP!