Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home sweet home

It was a short but sweet {and productive} trip to California.
We walked the floor for hours.
Saw lots and lots of fabulous new stuff.
Met some new friends and caught up with old ones.
Missed some others.
Did not take enough photos.
{bad scrapbooker, bad!}
Saw some famous people.
No, not them!
And her!

{whose new line with American Crafts is fabulous by the way!!}

Ran a couple of times in the pretty Cali sun.
{and almost literally ran over Jenni & Jared Bowlin!}
Jumped a fence trying to take a shortcut
to meet some people for dessert.
And trekked through some bushes too.
The cheesecake was worth it.
Did not get enough sleep.
We never do.
But do not regret it.
{even though i might tomorrow when i return to work}
Returned home safe & sound to a husband
who is understanding enough to let me go trouncing
around on my silly scrapbooking adventures.
And that is good stuff.

So tomorrow I will post my single favorite product of the show.
{i saw sooo much stuff that i like & that will be helping to put a dent in the ole wallet as soon as it arrives in stores, but i think i have narrowed it down to my single favorite product of the whole show}
Wanna make a guess as to what it is??
{if anybody gets it right i might have to send them a happy. but not this product of course. no way. i will be hoarding it thank you very much}
Brittney you are not allowed to guess.
Catch you tomorrow!
Going to try to catch up on some sleep.


Michelle said...

I am going to go with my fav; Hambly studios rub-ons dollies. Gorgeous!

melita said...

glad you had a wonderful trip! can't even begin to guess what it is that might be your fave...there are so many cute things this year!

Virginia said...

hmmmmm. i'm gonna guess it is something red. that's about as good as i could get.

and i thought i knew my gmac, but i really have no clue!

Lisa said...

hmm, i haven't got a clue!! limiting yourself to just ONE?? it's too hard!!

Melinda AKA medialady said...

Glad you had a great time! Does it have something to do with hearts or home? I am not EVEN going to try and pick the company - LOL!

Grace said...

Tattered Angels Mist?

Lora Oliver said...

I am going to guess Girls' Paperie by Margie. It seemed to be everyone's favorite at the show.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the Dear Lizzy line from American Crafts. Or maybe that's because it's my favorite. Becca :)

Michelle said...

dear Lizzie red ribbon ruffle. Totally gorgeous and those embellishments....wow, I love that little package that comes with the bicycle and more than one color!

tammy perkins said...

Tim Holtz's New Sizzix suitcase machine sounds awesome - I'll guess that!

Gretchen said...

good guesses! but nobody has gotten it yet!

Sara said...

New House of 3/Silhouette Iron on material?

erin said...

hi gretchen:)
so happy to have seen u!
i'm going out on a limb here...could it possibly have been us loud girls who live in a box photo?

hee hee!

Candace said...

tattered angels???