Wednesday, January 28, 2009

checking in

Just checking in from Las Vegas.
Yes, I realize that CHA was in Anaheim but we have a layover in Vegas.
Our flight out of Anaheim was cancelled so they moved us to a later flight and then our Vegas flight has been connected.
We are scheduled to arrive in Birmingham at 2:00 AM.
I will be glad to be back in Alabama.
I feel sorry for my patients tomorrow.
I will do a more interesting post tomorrow after I wake up from a long nap.
Lucy, Brittney, and I had a great time and Lucy has lots of fun things planned for Scrap Etc. and Scripts.
And we went to Disneyland.
Good times.
More interesting post tomorrow.


3QTGUYS said...

2 am yuck
Scripts, fun
Scrap ETC Event, totally stoked!
Scrap ETC, gonna be full
CHA, exciting but long
Disneyland, GREAT!
Las Vegas airport, too long
Alabama, thankful to be here!

stephanie howell said...

can i please tell you how much i LOVED seeing you? you are so precious!! wish we lived closer. =)

metrochic said...

even though it was fast and furious, i was SO happy to see you again! you are crazy fabulous, girl.