Thursday, January 29, 2009

It was a corduroy kind of day

I have this pair of brown corduroy pants that I wear to work.
I wash them, hang them to dry, and they are ready to wear.
No ironing needed.
They are my only work pants that need no ironing.
I make sure they are always clean.
I mean, they get washed the minute I am done wearing them.
And I save them for those days when I am running late or when I need to hit the snooze button just 1 more time.
Today was one of those days.
Roughly 3 hours of sleep and no milk in the fridge for my daily Carnation Instant Breakfast means it was a corduroy day all the way.
But I made it successfully through the day and zero patients were harmed in the process.
I will do a more thorough CHA post tomorrow but I can share some pics at least now.
So Lucy celebrated a birthday (21 I am pretty sure) while we were in California.
We skipped out of the show a little early and ventured to Disneyland so she could get in for free!
Happy birthday Lucy!
Lucy claims not to be a big Disney fan at all.
But I think Brittney and I might be changing her mind.
Yep, that makes Brittney and I in Disneyworld at the beginning of January and then across the country in Disneyland at the end of the month!
Gosh, life is so tough, isn't it?!

Funny, huh!??!
I like how no one is with me.
Poor B is both Dopey and Beast.
I must go to bed.
I cannot wear the corduroys 2 days in a row.
I will draw a KI winner tomorrow!
good night!


gretchen owens said...

you and disney...cracks me up.
i was wondering if you were able to go to are such a lucky girl! what was your favorite at CHA?

erin said...

what fun disney pics:)
suzy and i got to go, too, but your photos are a bit cheerier than ours would have been if we remembered our camera! my feet were the size of elephants by the end of hte first two days.
note to self for the next show- more comfy shoes:)
great to see you again!

Michelle said...

Wow, so jealous!! 2 Disney parks in a month!!! How fun :) Love the last pic!

mari said...

I thought that was you:)
I was in the airport shuttle with the 3 of you, and thought there was something familiar...I had seen you on SisTV before!

Hope you had a great show! I did!

Lucy said...

Yes, Gretchen, I am finally 21!!

Thanks for sharing these pics. I really had a BLAST!!!

Disney......not a better place to celebrate my birthday!!!

Thanks for going with me!

chelemom said...

Toooo funny! I have those days too...and a couple of pairs of pants just like it! : ) Great Disney pics!

metrochic said...

YAY! we hit disney on sunday night. too fun! can't wait to see you again!

stephanie howell said...

you guys are so cute. glad you had fun!