Monday, July 20, 2009

KI prize winner...

...goes to Laura J/carpedium who said that flourish and good tidings were her favs {I swear that it is exactly how she spelled it...go look at the comments for yourself}.
Laura, you have good taste and you are an excellent speller!
{please reference this post about how I like to spell the shortened version of "favorite"}
Now send me your address and I will get your loot to you!
Anybody have a case of the Mondays today??
Whoo! I did.
Craziness was happening at work all day!
Early this morning there was supposedly some guy in blue scrubs carrying a gun out around the campus that my clinic is on.
They put our building on lock down.
Nothing happened.
But that was just enough to make the rest of the day go weird.
Is it a full moon??
Apparently they caught the guy but I am going to call somebody's bluff and say that there was never such a guy carrying any kind of gun.
But thank you so much for making this Monday crazier than most.
Bring on Tuesday!


Beth Perry said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!! Yeah, it was a goofy day yesterday fo sho!
Hope your Tuesday is just as crazy! ;P

Beth Perry said...

hahha by the way...I AM!!!hehee
If you get bored tonight and wanna come scrap with me.. go here:

Michelle and I have got a couple peeps over and we are just chilling and scrapping.
Peace out!